About Us

Softcial is completely dedicated to one goal: to help you and your team reclaim your time. Spend more time with your family. Spend time with your pals again. Spend time with your partners thinking about how to expand the business. And we accomplish this by doing what we do best. Alignment and automation of business operations. We don't only develop beautiful software. We are concerned with how those pieces of software match with your strategy and operations, and we make certain that they save you and your employees time and money. That sounds wonderful, doesn't it? Many satisfied customers agree!

And did I mention that we live in a little paradise that shares the same time zone as the mainland United States of America? One of the world's happiest and most peaceful countries? That's correct! We are based in Costa Rica. A highly educated country in terms of information technology that has become a favorite location for many US and Canadian corporations seeking nearshoring services in IT.

We look forward to assisting you in reclaiming your time! Let's begin by booking a complimentary business IT alignment assessment!

  • Focused on VALUE generation icon Focused on VALUE generation
  • Highly educated people icon Highly educated people
  • Located at US Central Time Zone icon Located at US Central Time Zone
  • Founded in 2010 icon Founded in 2010

30+ happy clients,
100+ projects completed