Cloud Apps Customization

Okay. You paid for a subscription to a cloud-based CRM or ERP solution. And now you're attempting to adapt them to your business procedures only to discover that several functions critical to your business model are missing! Don't be concerned! It occurs in the majority of firms that have gone through the identical deployment process. Don't misunderstand us! Cloud applications (SAAS) are fantastic, but they are generic.

Then comes the time for some modification. Some work that takes advantage of the existing app's functionality while expanding it to make it more powerful and entirely tailored to your needs. And, of course, to make it one-of-a-kind! That can be your point of differentiation. Got it?

Softcial has specialized in knowing the extensibility models and tools of the most regularly used cloud apps (such as HubSpot, Netsuite, and Keap) so that we can assist you in customizing them to properly fit your business and enable your staff be as productive as possible.

Interested? Great! Simply book your free BPA analysis here and we'll get started on how to maximize your ROI on cloud app investments.

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1000+ hours working with extensibility technologies like REST, OAUTH, SSO