Cloud Apps Integration

Do you use a cloud-based CRM or ERP? Are you employing both? Do you manually feed the same data into both systems? Do you require a procedure to be triggered in your ERP when an activity occurs in the CRM, or vice versa?

That is, after all, what Cloud App Integration is all about. Making two or more cloud-hosted apps "talk" to each other. It's all about preventing duplicate data entries across numerous platforms. It is about eliminating or lowering the need for a "middleman" in the process of ensuring that data flows effortlessly across your systems.

Softcial can help you eliminate data isolation between your systems and make your cloud apps communicate with each other quickly and fluently by using popular middleware solutions like Zapier or Celigo or by implementing tailored solutions to your company using cutting-edge software development tools and practices like Azure and Angular.

Let us teach you how to properly connect your apps.
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